Filium Activation Turns Natural Fabrics Into Supernatural Fabrics.

Does anyone really prefer to wear polyester? Par(x) with Filium® Activation does pretty much everything your synthetic golf apparel does, except pollute and stink. Read more below...

Stain Resistant

Perspiration and beverages roll off the surface of Filium® activated fabric. Liquids known to stain like coffee or wine can be rinsed off without damage. 

  • Odor / Scent Free

    Bioaccumulation is typical in common polyester. Since Filium® is anti-microbial and repels liquid, it allows sweat to evaporate while preventing bacteria growth on cotton.

  • Less Laundry

    Since sweat, odor and stains aren’t absorbed into Filium® fabrics, garments can be worn multiple times between washes, leading to less laundry.

  • Nanoparticle Free

    Water resistant fabrics release toxic nanoparticle chemicals into the air. Filium® Activation is nano free so nothing toxic leaches into the environment.

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Fast Drying

Filium® fabrics aren’t waterproof. They will get wet. However, since Filium® fabrics repel liquid, they dry up to 40% faster than regular cotton. Less washing and shorter dryer cycles lead to lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Eco Friendly

Synthetic fabrics cause manufacturing and post consumer pollution, which leads to toxins in our air, water, livestock, seafood, and eventually... us. As long as (virgin or recycled) synthetic fabrics are petroleum based, they will never be sustainable.

The Filium® Activation process we use on cotton is produced according to Bluesign standards for sustainable materials and production. Filium Activated cotton is natural, breathable, safe for your skin, and harm free to the Earth.